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Changing Bases: Decades of the Web

Veteran web developer Luke Williams joins the panel to discuss the evolution of the web in the new millennium. ...Wait, are we not allowed to call it a 'new millennium' in 2018? It's almost 2 decades old and Luke's been working for 15 years. Anyway, do you remember MooTools?

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Show Notes

Guest: Luke Williams

Front End WebDev (pre-2003)

Firebug and Debugging

Browser incompatibility

Supporting legacy browsers in 2018

JavaScript Frameworks 2005-2015

#Shockwave, Flash, then iPhone - table - Table for layouts - a very old article! - Flash - Shockwave - Director (creates flash/shock) - CD-ROM - ECMAScript - ActionScript - PHP - XML - Newgrounds - tower defense games - strongbad - weeble and bob - “Stephen Fry” by Mr. Weebl - “Oxbow Lakes” by Mr. Weebl - Flex - iPhone - Steve Jobs - Steve Jobs letter on Flash

Precursors to frameworks: Dojo, YUI

Security concerns

The Web Is Still Not Crap in 2018

What abstraction level do you start learning at

Updating Specs

How Luke Got into Front End

Native Apps

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